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Have you checked out your local farmer’s market? I love visiting the Fort Dodge market! And now the town I grew up in is hosting a market that started in August and will continue in September and October. What fun we had and check out this locally created pumpkin to adorn my yard this fall!


Enjoy the harvest…. my pumpkin (yup..not plural… I have just one) and my first time growing cantaloupe has me excited! I have a bounty of other veggies coming on and when the garden comes to a close I will get to work creating with books again.

Enjoy these warm late summer days and get out an enjoy the local offerings available to you.

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Each spring (even if it does not feel like spring outside) I celebrate Earth Day with a sale. I enjoy recycling books (that were headed mostly headed to a landfill) into new items! I also use other recycled items in my creations. Because of this I feel Earth Day is a fitting holiday for me to celebrate.

From Friday, April 20th – Monday, April 23rd you can use coupon code EARTHDAY10 to save 10% on your online order from buy accutane online uk.

I will be posting fun Earth Day and recycling info all week long. If you want to learn more check out the Earth Day website buy accutane online canada

Here is to hoping spring really is coming this year!


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Last night I was having an ordinary evening until I received a notice on my Etsy shop that someone had sent me a message. Well, this gal named Joan had ordered a ‘Mentor Print’ and had received it and was happy with her order and the prompt shipping… THEN she explained that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the address I had sent it from. She grew up in the house I live in now, my address had been her address! We plan for her to contact me next time she is in the area to take a peek inside – I did warn her that my creativity seems to get in the way of my housekeeping … but with fair warning she was welcome to come take a look around. What a small world!


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Greetings all. I have been busy in the garden all summer and have been spending the past few weeks harvesting my goods! I have made Amish Hot Mustard, Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce and more! I will be all stocked up for winter.

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I also did a few fun projects for myself this summer, refurbishing a $2 metal cart for my patio and painting on some old windows.

Fun times were spent with my family and my husband, going to races, fishing, enjoying time with my nephews and all that summer brings.


I am now beginning my fall stock up on my Etsy site and preparing for a few fall sales. One in the Des Moines are in late October and perhaps a local Fort Dodge show closer to Christmas. I have also began to stock items at The Tin Shed in downtown Fort Dodge and will be cutting back on vendor shows this season.


New for fall is the introduction of leather into some of my necklaces… and leather earrings are all the rage this fall… so I have added some of those into the mix as well!

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Every year I like to celebrate Earth Day with a sale in my buy accutane generic! I love recycling stuff into new stuff and it just seems like Earth Day is the perfect holiday for me to celebrate.

This year the special will be 22% off your online how to buy accutane online order when you use the coupon code EARTHDAY22 at checkout. It is a great time to order a special Mother’s Day gift or plan ahead for end of the school year teacher gifts!

Speaking of my love for recycling things (and disassembling and reassembling) I am collecting makeup compacts… eyeshadow, blush etc for use in a new style of necklace I have been making, soooo if you have any to offer up please drop me a line at buy accutane gel.

Since many of you know that my favorite number is ELEVEN here are 11 fun facts about Earth Day that I found here good place to buy accutane online

  1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
  2. Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990.
  3. On Earth Day 2009, Disney released a documentary film called Earth that followed the migration paths of four animal families.
  4. On the very first Earth Day, 20 million people gathered in the streets of America to protest the industrial revolution.
    An environmental movement was born as a result.
  5. Every year on April 22, men, women, and children collect garbage, plant trees, clean up coral reefs, show movies,
    sign petitions, and plan for a better future for our planet.
  1. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day while he was working as a US senator.
  2. Earth Day was renamed officially by the UN in 2009 as International Mother Earth Day.
  3. Some schools and communities celebrate Earth Day for a whole week to expand the time
    frame that people focus on the earth and how they can preserve it.
  4. On Earth Day 2012, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.
  5. In an Earth Day celebration in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.
  6. In Panama, 100 endangered species of orchids were planted and maintained to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day.