20170821_125122I am a visual artist from Fort Dodge, Iowa. My interest in fashion accessories and the influence of a book artist led me to design purses from recycled books which I began doing in 2003. Soon after I had a house full of books and piles of book pages. I wanted to use as much of each book as possible and began to create necklaces, pins and magnets with the pages. In 2007 I started creating clocks with the books. I make both wall clocks and shelf/desk clocks. My favorite books are the older books and I enjoy going to garage sales and auctions in search of great books.

I began last year creating 2D work on the pages. Sometimes I create other items from the books and book pages including belts and shelves, and desk accessories.

I enjoy disassembling and reassembling items into something new. My main focus is books but I also create other recycled items from old sweaters and other objects and material I may find interesting.

I do also work full time in online sales, online sales training and web ad design. I have a BFA from Iowa State University and have also worked as a museum educator at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

I still enjoy teaching an art class at local shops, museums and galleries when time allows. I have taught both children and adults in a variety of mediums.

I am active in the arts community and I serve on the Board of Trustees at the Blanden, I am a past member of the Fort Dodge Area Camera Club and former president of the Iowa Cultural Coalition a state wide advocacy group.