Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is this week! I always get excited for it!

I mean, I love reusing stuff and repurposing stuff! So it is right up my alley! And I love being outside and planting and harvesting and just enjoying all things earth! So I’m gonna make a big deal of it this week.

I love taking books that were headed for the trash and giving them a new life! You know that, but unless you live with me you do not understand all of my crazy reusing of stuff! I mean, I can wash and reuse a ziplock baggie with the best of them… along with cool whip containers and all of the usuals. Sometimes it is a fine line between my thriftiness and my love for reusing! Gift bags, gift tags, boxes, wrapping paper… everyone at the holidays is always asking me if I want to keep it before they even think about tossing it.

Around the house here are some of my favorite upcycles!

Old clothes and fabrics sometimes get a new life at my house as homemade dog toys, plus fabrics are good for stuffing other projects and can also be used for cleaning around the house. I have also done some fun flag art for my door using strips of old jeans and fabrics!

I enjoy old windows, bowling balls, cupboard doors and drawers, the occasional ironing board! You just never know what they could become! So fun for outside garden art.

An old window has a new purpose now in my patio area
Strips of old clothing come together to make this flag to put on my door.
Inspired by all of the tall leaning signs in my neighborhood I found the perfect use for this old ironing board!
Metal cookie cutters make the neatest ornaments.












Speaking of the garden, I know single use plastics are bad, but I am guilty of purchasing them. I do reuse and repurpose whenever possible and I am always sure to recycle any I don’t repurpose. Egg shells, coffee grounds, expired milk… all go to the garden areas around the house! Why toss them when they help give nutrients to my veggies and flowers.

I may enjoy drinking tea… but the bottles do make great little houses to protect new plants.

For my art, I of course use books and book pages. Did you know that I also repurpose a ton of wooden frames? I sand them down and repaint them to frame my book page quotes. I also recycle parts of eyeshadow, blush and powder makeup containers to use as the bezel for the necklaces I make.

These get sanded and painted to frame quote prints.
Recycled frames look great!
I use the little metal tray in makeup containers to create necklaces
Book pages and makeup containers are recycled to make these.











I have a hard time tossing anything! I just may have a use for it.

I’d would enjoy knowing what you like to keep and reuse! Maybe you have some ideas I have not thought of yet. Connect with me on social media, I want to hear all about them. Bonus for sharing photos!

Puppies and fall projects

Who doesn’t love a puppy!! Our chocolate lab (Dixie) is nearing her 10th birthday and we decided it was time for her to teach a puppy the lay of the land at our house. So everyone meet out new silver lab Ridley. She is fun.. and a handful!

Despite the new distraction I have been getting some new work done! This fall in local stores or by contacting me I will have some fun new items! They are currently in progress and will be available soon.

I stumbled along this little machine called a Zutter at a garge sale late this summer… it makes spiral bound books! I have been creating fun notepads with little extras inside the pages with it. I can also create a special notebook for you from a book you have at home.. maybe a fun title for a co-worker, something special for a teacher. It is a useful gift with a lot of personality!

Also in the mix are wreaths made from book pages. They are beautiful. The process to create them takes some patience… but I just turn on Pandora and jam to some music and work away. They are great for any season … I just happen to be rolling them out before the holidays.

This year’s Christmas tree is a simple design, one tree looks great, but a grouping of them really dresses up the mantel.

I’ll be sure to post when everything is finished and available.


Earth Day is almost here!

Each spring (even if it does not feel like spring outside) I celebrate Earth Day with a sale. I enjoy recycling books (that were headed mostly headed to a landfill) into new items! I also use other recycled items in my creations. Because of this I feel Earth Day is a fitting holiday for me to celebrate.

From Friday, April 20th – Monday, April 23rd you can use coupon code EARTHDAY10 to save 10% on your online order from my Etsy shop.

I will be posting fun Earth Day and recycling info all week long. If you want to learn more check out the Earth Day website

Here is to hoping spring really is coming this year!




How eleven became my favorite number



Each year I celebrate the 11th month of the year as eleven is my favorite number, and has been since the age of seven… I was married on 11/11/11 and that year our dog had 11 puppies! True story.

Why eleven? I was home sick with the chickenpox for the week, it was the week in school that we were learning the number that add up to eleven…. 8 + 3, 9 + 2 … well you get the idea. My mom, being the teacher she was, made sure I kept up on my school work and taught me this math lesson… to this day I (who do not make math in my head) know numbers that add to eleven better than any other math.

End of story.

This year the celebration is simple… from now until the end of the month save 11% OFF order of $10 or more in my Etsy shop with coupon code ELEVENOFF. Or just click here and the code will be in for you automatically!

It’s time! The holiday shopping season is here.

This is the coolest feedback ever


Last night I was having an ordinary evening until I received a notice on my Etsy shop that someone had sent me a message. Well, this gal named Joan had ordered a ‘Mentor Print’ and had received it and was happy with her order and the prompt shipping… THEN she explained that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the address I had sent it from. She grew up in the house I live in now, my address had been her address! We plan for her to contact me next time she is in the area to take a peek inside – I did warn her that my creativity seems to get in the way of my housekeeping … but with fair warning she was welcome to come take a look around. What a small world!