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I received sad news last week, my ‘artist friend’ Richard Black passed away. He was an interesting ever learning man. I first met him while I was the Education Director at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum in Fort Dodge, Iowa. He was an instructor of some for credit courses that we were offering. I was intimidated by him, he had trouble understanding me (young and talking WAY too fast, I am sure) but it didn’t take long for us to start to ‘get’ each other.

As a graphic designer I was able to help him with a logo for his grape growers association, later with a website and an attempt at the ever changing social media. We spent hours together working on his website, sorting though images he had created and each had a story. I remember many of those stories… but I wish I would have wrote them down.

Richard was a printmaker, a professor emeritus of Drake University, a member of the Royal Printmakers Society, had art exhibits all over the US and in London. He was a grape grower, had begun quilting just a few years ago and had plans to hold a kite festival. There was no slowing him down. He was always working on something.

We shared a love of gardening, dogs and art. His humor was special. I am grateful for the time spent. I am grateful for the images and stories he shared with me over the years.

Strawberry Shortcake no longer needs more strawberries! (inside joke) I will remember you fondly.

Learn more about Richard and his work on his website buy accutane online usa


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Another change of season


We are back to fall again… the cold snap has finished off the garden and winter projects are in full swing. Many fun summer days were had and many tomatoes were canned. The puppy (Ridley the silver lab) is now a year old and has passed Dixie in length and height, but not weight šŸ™‚

Now that the weather is turning I am turning my attention to re-stocking my Etsy shop as well as local stores. I have made a delivery to Liberty Market in Gowrie, Iowa and she is stocked up for fall (and Christmas!). I have also provided new product to Genevieve’s which is the gift shop and cafe at the newly renovated Humboldt Memorial Hospital. I have a couple more stops to make before all locations have a replenished stock, but that is a good start for October,

I completed my new book page Christmas tree for 2019 and delivered some to Liberty Market in Gowrie. They are the first to have the 2019 tree design.

As always, you can shop locally, you can get in touch with me many ways or you can purchase prints or make special requests via my Etsy shop.

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Have you checked out your local farmer’s market? I love visiting the Fort Dodge market! And now the town I grew up in is hosting a market that started in August and will continue in September and October. What fun we had and check out this locally created pumpkin to adorn my yard this fall!


Enjoy the harvest…. my pumpkin (yup..not plural… I have just one) and my first time growing cantaloupe has me excited! I have a bounty of other veggies coming on and when the garden comes to a close I will get to work creating with books again.

Enjoy these warm late summer days and get out an enjoy the local offerings available to you.

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buy accutane online cheap canadaIt’s official!

It is the 11th month of the year, Halloween is over and we are full on to the Thanksgiving and Christmas season! I have been working daily on new pieces, photographing them, and listing them in my Etsy shop. I am usually also deep into the vendor show season at this time of year. However, I am taking a step back from shows this year as my day job has been a little more hectic than usual and I am needing the weekends to recharge my battery! I do however encourage everyone to check out your local vendor shows and support local and handmade! I know even though I do not plan on vending (unless someone twists my arm) I do plan on shopping! You can still shop locally and find my book creations ā€“ check out From Miry Clay Potter in Dayton, Iowa, Tin Shed in Downtown Fort Dodge and the Humboldt Memorial Hospital Gift Shop in Humboldt, Iowa.

Now… back to this 11th month! As many know 11 is my favorite number and so I celebrate. Keep an eye on my facebook page for more info coming soon and check out the shop section of my website to see all of the new things I have been working on. buy cheap accutane uk

And just for fun, here are my 11 favorites right now… my list of favorites is forever changing!

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Greetings all. I have been busy in the garden all summer and have been spending the past few weeks harvesting my goods! I have made Amish Hot Mustard, Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce and more! I will be all stocked up for winter.

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I also did a few fun projects for myself this summer, refurbishing a $2 metal cart for my patio and painting on some old windows.

FunĀ times were spent with my family and my husband, going to races, fishing, enjoying time with my nephews and all that summer brings.


I am now beginning my fall stock up on my Etsy site and preparing for a few fall sales. One in theĀ Des Moines are in late October and perhaps a local Fort Dodge show closer to Christmas. I have also began to stock items at The Tin Shed in downtown Fort Dodge and will be cutting back on vendor shows this season.


New for fall is the introduction of leather into some of my necklaces… and leather earrings are all the rage this fall… so I have added some of those into the mix as well!

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The summer has passed and we are well into fall and I am well into catching up on all things Esparto Studio. As many of you know admitting that summer is over is more than a little difficult for me, but getting back to my artwork makes the transition a little easier. I have updated my events here on my website to show all of the shows I will be at where you can see me in person during the holiday season! I have stocked up my Etsy shop! And have been working on my new necklace designs!

Here is a glance back at some of the summer fun I had with friends, family, the hubby and of course the garden! These great memories will carry me through the cold winter months until it is time to do my spring planting.

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Summer fun!

I did also spend a lot of time shopping garage sales for treasures to up-cycle and working on my new ‘make-up’ necklaces. I am recycling make-up compacts into jewelry! I have been sharing some images of these on Facebook throughout the summer. I am always happy to take any empty make-up containers off your hands.

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Necklaces created by recycling make-up containers

The next big thing will be ‘Celebrating the 1th Month’ and since that is just days away now you won’t have to wait long to get into the fun!

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Every year I like to celebrate Earth Day with a sale in my where can i buy accutane online yahoo! I love recycling stuff into new stuff and it just seems like Earth Day is the perfect holiday for me to celebrate.

This year the special will be 22% off your online where can i buy real accutane online order when you use the coupon code EARTHDAY22 at checkout. It is a great time to order a special Mother’s Day gift or plan ahead for end of the school year teacher gifts!

Speaking of my love for recycling things (and disassembling and reassembling) I am collecting makeup compacts… eyeshadow, blush etc for use in a new style of necklace I have been making, soooo if you have any to offer up please drop me a line at buy accutane online fast delivery.

Since many of you know that my favorite number is ELEVEN here are 11 fun facts about Earth Day that I found hereĀ where do you buy accutane

  1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
  2. Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990.
  3. On Earth Day 2009, Disney released a documentary film called Earth that followed the migration paths of four animal families.
  4. On the very first Earth Day, 20 million people gathered in the streets of America to protest the industrial revolution.
    An environmental movement was born as a result.
  5. Every year on April 22, men, women, and children collect garbage, plant trees, clean up coral reefs, show movies,
    sign petitions, and plan for a better future for our planet.
  1. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day while he was working as a US senator.
  2. Earth Day was renamed officially by the UN in 2009 as International Mother Earth Day.
  3. Some schools and communities celebrate Earth Day for a whole week to expand the time
    frame that people focus on the earth and how they can preserve it.
  4. On Earth Day 2012, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.
  5. In an Earth Day celebration in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.
  6. In Panama, 100 endangered species of orchids were planted and maintained to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day.

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I am excited to have been creating over the winter and an pleased to show my new creations at Ā spring and summer sales and festivals. Be sure to check out the upcoming events for the dates and locations of where you can shop in person.

So what have I been working on? It still involves book pages of course! I am making a new style of necklace created from copper and resin and am also developing a bracelet design with the same technique.

Here is a peek …

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