What have I been up to?

The summer has passed and we are well into fall and I am well into catching up on all things Esparto Studio. As many of you know admitting that summer is over is more than a little difficult for me, but getting back to my artwork makes the transition a little easier. I have updated my events here on my website to show all of the shows I will be at where you can see me in person during the holiday season! I have stocked up my Etsy shop! And have been working on my new necklace designs!

Here is a glance back at some of the summer fun I had with friends, family, the hubby and of course the garden! These great memories will carry me through the cold winter months until it is time to do my spring planting.

Esparto Studio summer fun
Summer fun!

I did also spend a lot of time shopping garage sales for treasures to up-cycle and working on my new ‘make-up’ necklaces. I am recycling make-up compacts into jewelry! I have been sharing some images of these on Facebook throughout the summer. I am always happy to take any empty make-up containers off your hands.

Esparto Studio by Regina
Necklaces created by recycling make-up containers

The next big thing will be ‘Celebrating the 1th Month’ and since that is just days away now you won’t have to wait long to get into the fun!