Welcome to Esparto Studio by Regina Suhrbier … AKA Iowa Book Gal

esparto_boothI am a visual artist from Fort Dodge, Iowa. I am known in the area as that gal who makes ‘things’ out of books, hence Iowa Book Gal. It all started with making purses out of books and just kind-of evolved from there. Now I make many creations from actual books that are saved from an uncertain future. Some have been hiding in the attic for years, some were headed to a dumpster and I rescued them! I enjoy the hunt for books with fun titles and covers.

Some of my most popular are my prints with quotes, they make great gifts for teachers and mentors! I also have many quotes fitting for aunts, moms, sisters, cousins, friends and co-workers. What book worm wouldn’t like a gift created with literature.

I have named myself Esparto Studio, so why the name Esparto? Esparto grass is known for its use in paper making. The fiber makes a high quality paper often used in book manufacturing. Plus, I just enjoy words that start with the letter ‘E’. It’s as simple as that.

Glad you stopped by the site. Feel free to take a look around, maybe do some shopping! Many items are available on Etsy and I ship around the world from right here in Fort Dodge, Iowa.